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"Don Can Fix It"
Just wanted everyone to know I contacted "Don can fix it" from our
newsletter to do a few jobs around my home.  He was not only timely
but did a great job and even (without asking) pulled my garbage can
in for me from the street.  He did exactly what he said he would and
without supervision as I had to work that day.

Laurie Wickham                 Jungle Terrace Neighbor

Update 2/28/2013
Needed repair work done on my decking and my roof needed cleaning.  Emailed Don (one of our Jungle Terrace members) and the job was done quickly and quite efficiently.  Just wanted everyone to know I highly recommend him.  It is the second time he has come to my rescue. Your neighbor
Laura Wickham
In the "rainy season", Steve James of James Roofing was courteous and had men here to repair a leak in my roof. Subsequent rains tested their work and it was 100%!
Ed Carlson, 30th Ave. No.,       Jungle Terrace Neighbor
"James Roofing Inc"